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Sunday, July 20, 2008


If you've made it to this blog, you've probably figured out that we're up to some new things at Liturgy Solutions! Thanks for visiting the site. We hope that our new products, our new options, and our new features will be helpful to you and beneficial to the church. But if you DIDN'T get here via the new website, coming to this blog via another route, please click on the Liturgy Solutions banner on the top of this page and check at our newly revamped site. You'll find that we've broken out our catalog of compositions from the old collections and are now making our pieces available individually. You'll also see that we are now offering consulting services and that our composers are accepting commissions should you need something specially composed or arranged. In addition to this blog, which we hope will prove a helpful forum for church musicians, you'll also see that we'll be providing a "Cantors' Tip Sheet" with our hymn recommendations throughout the year, along with some other ideas for worship.

While I'm introducing the new site, I'd like to thank our web designer, David Payne, for his work in getting us up with this new site in time for the LCMS Institute on Preaching and the Liturgy - a.k.a. "The LCMS National Worship Conference." He's a great guy - and a confessional Lutheran, too! His firm does great work, and we recommend them highly.

And now that the new site is up and "live" in time for the Institute, I not only wnat to welcome you to the new Liturgy Solutions, but also to Seward, as I will be "live blogging" the conference. The first couple of days will be pretty busy for me - and for my family - but I will do my best to share with you my experience and, hopefully, facilitate a discussion of the proceedings.

So welcome to our site, welcome to this new blog - and welcome to Seward!

Feel free to go ahead and post a comment and get the conversation going. And if you are here at the conference, please stop by the Liturgy Solutions exhibit and say hello. And - while the supply lasts - pick up a complimentary piece of music, of which you may make as many copies as you need for your parish. It's our way of celebrating three years of Liturgy Solutions!

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