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Friday, April 10, 2009


Liturgy Solutions wishes all of our friends a blessed Holy Week. As we are now into the "Great Three Days", we pray that all your work in service of the Lord's ministry will be blessed by the Spirit, and used by Him to enlighten the hearts of all who worship with you. May the blessings that flow from the cross be with you and all whom you serve.

Cantor Magness plans on resuming his series on the Bethany Three-Year Plan next week. We apologize that the blog has lapsed these past few months. Cantor's father became seriously ill in January, and then passed into eternity a few minutes before Ash Wednesday. His mother and mother-in-law have also been hospitalized over the past few weeks. Cantor's family lives in Texas, and so time has been spent travelling as well. By God's grace, both mothers are now at home and are improving in health. With Cantor getting caught up on his primary vocational duties at Bethany, Liturgy Solutions will more actively offer not only discussion via this blog, but also new resources on - and further improvements to - the website.

We are especially pleased to offer a wide variety of settings for the Verses for Eastertide, including a new set of pieces by Jeffrey Blersch, which you can purchase individually or as a collection. We invite you to check these out as we renew our baptismal journey with Jesus from death to life as we celebrate His death and resurrection.

He has done this all for us. And for this we say, "Good Friday."

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