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Saturday, July 11, 2009

What to Expect from Liturgy Solutions

Phillip Magness and I are working hard on the Liturgy Solutions web site, which has been restored after a disastrous loss of data from our former host company's server. We are open for business, but realize that several user friendly features are not yet available. They will be soon.

So the first thing you can expect, likely by the end of this month, is a new feature that enables you to view the first pages of our musical products. You will be able to go to any product page where it says: "product details." On those pages you will be able to click the musical image after which a PDF file of the first page of the piece will emerge on your computer. This will allow you to see the beginning of any piece you may be considering for purchase. We are working on the nuts and bolts of that feature this month and hope to have it operating before the end of July.

The other thing you can expect throughout the summer are more products in the catalog and more musical resources such as concertatos, instrumental accompaniments, anthems, motets, service music, psalm anthems and other similar works. I believe that Phillip will make available his setting of the liturgy as well. We hope that these additions will make Liturgy Solutions a place you will visit often to seek music that enhances the Lord's song in your parishes.

Please keep us in mind, visit us often, and let us know how we can better assist you as you guide the worship of your parishes through music.

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Phillip Magness said...

Yes, we are busy indeed! The reconstructing of the site after our crash has taken longer than expected, but we are moving forward now.

Thanks for giving our readers an update on our activity this summer. I think people will be pleased with what they'll be seeing in the next few weeks.