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Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Walter Day

Actually, today is St. Mark's Day, and I just enjoyed Matins here in St. Malo, Colorado, where I am playing for a Doxology retreat. It was a beautiful service held in the "Church on a Rock" here near Estes Park, a beautiful little RC sanctuary which was made even more beautiful by the sound of 26 Lutheran pastors singing the Lord's song this morning. I must add that it was a special blessing to hear the preaching of Rev. Hal Senkbeil this morning and to pray the liturgy under the leadership of Rev. Shawn Kumm, who chants beautifully.

So what's this about Walter, then? His commemoration was YESTERDAY. But, having been in flight to Colorado, I missed Lutheran Kantor's excellent post on the topic. I tried to comment over there, but for some reason his site is not accepting comments. You can read his Walter Day post here, which includes an inspiring poem by Walter himself.

For your listening enjoyment, you might want to listen to this motet on "Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Thy Word" by Walter, as sung by the small choir assembled for the last BJS National Conference this February.


Chris H. said...

Thanks for the link to the BJS Evening Prayer service. There was quite the variety of music that encompassed a wide swath of our musical heritage.

I'm not sure why my blog (Lutheran Kantor) didn't accept your comment. I've done some testing and everything seems to be working as best as I can tell.

Phillip Magness said...

Thanks, Chris.

Yes, it was strange. When I posted the comment (essentially what I wrote here), your site gave me an intersting message: "You've already said that!"

Perhaps because I embedded the link to the podcast?

Chris H. said...

It turns out that your comment was tagged as spam and happily sitting in the midst of all the other real spam messages. I'm not sure why since your comment didn't contain anything out of the ordinary as far as I could see. The comment has since been de-spammed. Thanks for letting me know.