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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reformation Sunday!

Hey, hey - Sunday is Reformation Day! Time for some "reader response." :)

What will your folks get to sing? Most certainly, "A Mighty Fortress". And most probably "Salvation Unto Us Has Come". And I think a majority will sing "Lord, Keep Us Steadfast In Your Word." I suspect many will also sing "Thy Strong Word", which has become quite popular this past generation.

Anything else?
What is your choir doing?
What setting of the Divine Service will you observe? Anything special?
And will you stand for AMF? All stanzas?
And will you sing all ten stanzas of "Salvation Unto Us Has Come"?
And how will you sing them?
And where in the service will you sing the hymns you've prepared?

The fall festivals can be so much fun. Let's compare notes!


William Weedon said...

Sat is DS IV, but Sunday is DS V. Yes to singing "A Mighty Fortress" - and since it is entrance, we stand for it all anyway.

Yes to singing all stanzas (on Sun) of "Salvation unto Us" - but the first five as HOD and the second five as first distribution, with the Quartet singing alternating verses each time.

Quartet also leads congregation in "Festive Gloria" - and quartet alone sing Kyrie God Father in parts.

Tim said...

I would answer, but you already know!

Phillip said...

Thanks, Wil.

And, Tim, I'm not sure who you are! LOL

Wil - what other hymns will you all sing in Hamel this weekend?

And thanks for mentioning Kyrie, God Father......I FORGOT TO PRACTICE THAT ONE! (Will go over it in the AM)

Phillip said...

One other question, Pastor Weedon: Is the "Festive Gloria" the Behnke arrnagement of "All Glory Be to God on High"? If so, how much of the instrumentation will you be using?

We're using that arrangement this year. We didn't get our handbells on that this year, but will use brass, choir, and tambourine. We're also using a shorter introduction and cutting a couple of the interludes.

William Weedon said...

We also sang during Distribution: Thy Strong Word and Lord Jesus Christ, With Us Abide. The exit hymn was Lord, Keep Us Steadfast.

Yes, the Gloria is the Behnke setting. This year the organ played it alone. I like it better with full ensemble, which he have done in the past. But with a quartet we didn't want to overpower. Choir is up for next Sunday!

Terry Herald said...

We at Incarnate Word fulfilled most of your predictions! We sang Lord Keep Us Steadfast, Salvation Unto Us Has Come (all ten verses), and Mighty Fortress. In addition, we sang We All Believe in One True God and for the Sanctus, Isaiah, Mighty Seer in Days of Old. This seemed to be most appropriate to Pr. Alan Lunneberg's sermon, titled "Dare to be Lutheran"!

Dan at Necessary Roughness said...

AMF, all verses, all standing, at the beginning.

No Thy Strong Word, but we closed with "Lord, Keep Us Steadfast In Thy Word."

I didn't recognize what the choir did but it had cool themes of one church, one baptism in the lyrics.

No Salvation Unto Us...

We sang an interesting hymn, "I'm Glad to be a Lutheran," that was cheesy in the beginning but later on gave props to the confessions, which I thought was interesting.

And the vicar had a great sermon. :)

Dan at Necessary Roughness said...

Oh, and DS V, with Kyrie from DS III had 507 Holy Holy Holy instead of Isaiah...Spirit Soared. Interesting.

Phillip said...

Pastor Weedon - just what I was looking for: "Lord Jesus Christ, with Us Abide". Interesting! I can certianly see how that fit. (btw, ever noticed how well that tune works in a classic Country & Western style?) (grin)

Terry - Credo hymn and Sanctus hymn. Did you all do DS V or just insert those into DS III? We did III with Kyrie & Gloria from V.

With "Dare to Be Lutheran" did you happen to sing "Lord, Help Us Ever to Retain"? We sang that as an Offertory Hymn (in place of "Create in Me").

Dan, I'd love to have a copy of that new hymn. Even if just for grins! ;) Interesting Americanization of DS V, with "Holy, Holy, Holy" functioning as the Sanctus. I can see that working, but on Reformation Day I would suggest keeping "Isaiah Mighty Seer" and having choir, cantor, or even pastor sing it, with the congregation just repeating the tersanctus refrain. That worked well at Bethany when we taught it to our folks.

Similarly, when we taught "Kyrie, God Father", we had choir or cantor sing each of the three petitions, with the people simply singing the cadence, "eleison, eleison".

But in the spirit of the Deutche Messe I certainly can see other hymn paraphrases substituting on occasion.

ALL - Any of you ever used "Your Heart, O God, Is Grieved" (LSB 945) for the Kyrie?

Dan at Necessary Roughness said...


I don't have the opportunity to provide input into any worship planning. :)

I'll email you with the address I have on file; I don't want to type this out.

Dan at Necessary Roughness said...

Ah, I've figured out my OCR software.


Tune: Meinen Jesum Lass' Ich Nicht (Darmstadt)
a.k.a. Jesus Sinners Doth Receive

I'm a Lutheran and I'm glad.
Glad because I've known God s blessing.
Here I've learned salvation's way
God's great love in Christ confessing,
Through this church's ministry
God has touched me: I am free!

I am bound by holy faith
To God's people of all ages,
Claiming all the blessed gifts
God unfolds in Scripture's pages
This bless'd church's ministry
Joins me to God's family.

Sacraments and Sacred Word
Offered here in wholesome pureness,
Teach anew the Spirit's power.
Give my faith a growing sureness.
Through this church's ministry
God Himself abides with me.

I have pledged my loyalty
To the truth of our confessions;
I will honor what they say
By my life and my professions.
My dear church's ministry
By Gods grace is shared through me.

Heav'nly Father, hear our prayer,
Guard this church from harm and terror,
Let it never turn aside
Into faithlessness or error;
Fill this church's ministry
With Your grace continually.

Let our fellowship grow bright
In faith's happy celebration;
Help us answer our world's call
With Your Gospel of salvation.
Lord for every gift we've known
Praise shall be to You alone!

Anonymous said...

We at Saint Paul McAllen stood for A Mighty Fortress.
We did not sing "Lord, Keep Us Steadfast" but the choir did sing "If You continue in My Word" by Donald Busarow.
We did all ten stanzas of Salvation Unto Us Has Come. The organ interpreted stanza 4, the children's choir sang stanza 7 and the adult choir sang stanza 9.
We also sang "In Christ Alone" by Stuart Townend
We ended the service with "O Sing to the Lord', singing some of the stanzas in English and some in Spanish.

Mark Peters said...

we had an interesting sunday. DS II.
Processional Erhalt uns, Herr. Between the second and third verses I played an interlude by Charles Ore to lengthen the processional. It worked very well.
Bunjes Introit and Gradual from Service Propers, Noted.
Hymn of the Day Ein feste burg (656)- Bunjes 2nd verse with a SD Wolff descant on verse 4.
We sang Es ist das Heil during distribution, using the Bach CP from Orgelbuchlein as an interlude. Like the two were made for each other!
Recessional-Ebenezer verse 4 organ alone-arr. "The Cross" from Partita by Behnke. Very moving.
Trumpet player (which was a treat for us since we don't have any instrumentalists in the congregation). Oh yes, we had a Gospel procession but didn't get around to chanting the Gospel. Shucks. Otherwise, grand celebration.

Pastor Peters said...
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Pastor Peters said...

Processional Hymn: A Mighty Fortress
Anthem 1 - Lord, You Have Been Our Dwelling Place (K. Lee Scott)
Anthem 2 Built on the Rock (?)
Hymn of the Day - Lord, Keep Us Steadfast
Distribution: Preserve Your Word, O Savior, Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation, Blessed Jesus, at Your Word
Recessional: The Lord, My God, Be Praised

Phillip said...

Interesting and enlightening choices. I particularly was interested in the hymns sung that were not the three Lutheran standards (AMF, Steadfast, Salvation Unto Us), and appreciated the feedback.

One other appropriate choice not yet mentioned is "Lord, Help Us Ever to Retain".

NBeethe said...

Phillip - We use "Your Heart, O God, is Grieved" as the Kyrie during Lent.