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Monday, January 10, 2011


Many often ask about hearing audio samples of Liturgy Solutions' music. We'd like to provide more than computer-generated files, but just don't have the overhead to generate studio recordings of house choirs like the print publishing houses are able to do. So I'm going to try to highlight some services that include some pieces in the catalog. This past week saw two such occasions at Bethany. So, if you are interested in what some of our work sounds like in an actual service, a Gradual by Stephen R. Johnson for the Epiphany of Our Lord starts at 7:40 into this clip. This past Sunday, for the Baptism of Our Lord, we sang a psalm-anthem by Jonathan Kohrs. Pastor liked it so much he referenced it in his sermon! It starts 15:15 into this podcast.

These recordings are a little less polished than my choir normally sounds - but we had a one-hour rehearsal to prepare five pieces to cover these two feasts! Still, they did well - but if you want to hear them in their full glory, check out our Bach Cantata Vespers this past Advent, or our Christmas Eve Divine Service.

You can also hear several stanzas of hymns in our Liturgy Solutions catalog sung by the quartet at our Lessons & Carols service Chrsitmas Eve.

Got any audio clips of LS music? I'd love to hear them!


Christopher Gillespie said...

This is a great idea. I would appreciate links even if non-professional to evaluate before purchase. Thanks!

Phillip said...

Thanks, Chris.

I agree they can be helpful. Of course, since choir members don't learn music off of recordings, but by reading music, directors really need to look at a score and audiate it with their choir in mind. But we'll post what we can.

Thanks for the encouragement!